Whitetail Deer Hunts

B & C Kansas Hunts is your guide to Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunts

In addition to being a certified hunting outfitter by the Outdoor Channel, we have over 30 years ofCertified Hunting Outfitter Whitetail deer hunting in Kansas. Here in Southeast Kansas, the whitetail deer grows strong and large throughout our rolling hills, vast open meadows and fields, and dense timber. At B & C Kansas Hunts, we have over 15,000 acres of the best natural hunting land in the country. We also support the native Wild Game with, “Automatic Feeders” as well as “Food Plots”, placed strategically to enhance the quality of Wild Game and to increase the success of our hunters. Quality Deer Management (QDM) was, and is, still a priority in this area. Therefore, there are multiple Trophy Deer in this area for our clients.

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunts – Archery

Archery is our specialty! We have many years of hunting the old Mossy Horns with stick and string. Our clients have taken many P&Y bucks with bow over the years. We have a lot of ground and a lot of stands so moving is not a problem. Five and a half days guided – $2900. (Lodging and meals included.) 2019 season runs from mid-Sept. – Dec. 31.
*Crossbows are now legal in Kansas.

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunts – Firearm

Rifle hunts have always been a blast! 2019 season is during the first two weeks of December. Success rate is always high considering unforeseen weather conditions for that time of the year. B&C Kansas Hunts have achieved 80% to 100% success on rifle kills since we began the rifle hunt in the year 2000. Archery runs through firearm season, but you have to wear orange. 5 days guided – $3500. (Lodging and meals included.)

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunts – Muzzle Loader

Muzzle loader hunts have become really popular. There have been many huge bucks taken during that season in Kansas. The “Big Boys” are in bachelor groups at this time of year, and easier to pattern. 2019 season runs from mid-Sept. to the end of Sept. Hunt is 5 days guided – $3300. (Lodging and meals included.)


Please Note: Kansas requires all hunters to have the correct tags and license. The cost for tags and license is NOT included in the prices shown on our website. For current info on tags and licensing, please visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website or contact me.