Book Your 2022 Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunt Now!

Book your 2022 Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunt now, as spots will fill up fast. Our hunts are guided, with lodging and meals included. Browse through our website to learn more or call Ed Barton at 620-288-0054.

Why Hunt Whitetail Deer With B & C Kansas Hunts?

We have over 15,000 acres of some of the best hunting ground in the country. We also support the native Wild Game with, “Automatic Feeders” as well as “Food Plots”, placed strategically to enhance the quality of Wild Game and to increase the success of our hunters.

Whitetail Deer at feeder in Southeast Kansas

Why Hunt Whitetail In Southeast Kansas?

Southeast Kansas has a good strain of whitetail, plus a good supply of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and wheat. Our ground consists of river bottoms and farm land, with hardwoods providing good cover and protection for the deer.

In 1965, Kansas opened its first season for “Whitetail Deer” with limited tags available, Quality Deer Management (QDM) was, and is, still a priority in this area.  Therefore, there are multiple Trophy Deer in this area for our Clients.

At B & C Kansas Hunts, we promise to do our best to ensure your SUCCESS. Many of our clients would agree, we are the best place to hunt Whitetail deer in Kansas. Browse through our website to learn more. To book your 2022 whitetail deer hunt now, call Ed Barton at 620-288-0054.

Booking Your Whitetail Adventure Is Simple

  1. Call Ed Barton at 620-288-0054 to reserve your hunting date.
  2. Mail your deposit.
  3. Wait for the Kansas Draw.

*Kansas requires all hunters to have the correct tags and license. For current info on tags and licensing, please visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website.

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