About Hunting Whitetail Deer in Kansas

KANSAS, according to the “Sioux Indians”, is defined as:  “People of the South Wind”. The “Osage Indians” settled in this area of Kansas due to the abundance of wild game, primarily the Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey. At that time there were also Bison, Elk, and Wolves roaming in this area.  Through time there was an increase in human population, which led to over hunting of the Bison and Elk, which eventually drove them, along with the Wolves from this area.

The south Wind blows through our rolling hills, vast open meadows and crops, and into the dense timber.  The Wild game flourishes and grows strong and large.  This gives our clients a large selection of wild game for their hunt. At this date, agriculture has enhanced the wild game numbers, as well as the quality.  The agriculture in this area is primarily corn, soybeans, alfalfa, clover, as well as other numerous crops that are beneficial to our native Wild Game.

At B & C Kansas Hunts, we also support the native Wild Game with, “Automatic Feeders” as well as “Food Plots”, placed strategically to enhance the quality of Wild Game and to increase the success of our hunters. In 1965, Kansas opened its first season for “Whitetail Deer” with limited tags available, Quality Deer Management (QDM) was, and is, still a priority in this area.  Therefore, there are multiple Trophy Deer in this area for our Clients. At B & C Kansas Hunts, we promise to do our best to ensure your SUCCESS. Many of our clients would agree, we are the best place to hunt Whitetail deer in Kansas.


I have over 30 years of hunting Kansas whitetail, turkey and quail. I am responsible for many P&Y bucks, as well as a few that would gross over the B&C minimums. Many of our tom turkeys have 10 inch or better beards. Don’t worry! The past clients have also taken many P&Y and bigger bucks, as well as several toms with multiple beards.